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XAPO: Best bitcoin wallet online

XAPO: Best bitcoin wallet online

XAPO: Best bitcoin wallet online

The first step to guard the Bitcoin is to look for a great Bitcoin wallet to keep our cryptocoin. There are so many Bitcoin Wallet in circulation but they are not all the same, in fact, some provide services that others do not possess but mostly we try to find a Bitcoin Wallet reliable and safe. Let’s talk about another Bitcoin wallet, or rather Xapo.

WHAT IS XAPO? Bitcoin wallet online

Xapo is a Bitcoin Wallet online created in 2014 but it tends to differ on some points than other Wallet. It ‘very simple to use, in fact, its interface has been designed to be understood in less than 5 minutes. Xapo can be used by both the PC or through a smartphone, so this type of Wallet is created to be used as the main deposit and for normal payments. With Xapo not need to make any type of backup because the Bitcoin not ever reside in our phone or in our pc; the only thing that you must not miss is the data for access. This Bitcoin wallet is not only reliable for payments that are faster (instantaneous between two accounts Xapo) but is also very safe, in fact, when you log in into your account, not only it will recognize your IP, but in addition to the PIN it can ask you to write the 6-digit number sent to your mobile.


Sign and register HERE on the site.
Enter the required data, then e-mail, name and surname. Enter the correct data and not invented because this Bitcoin Wallet is very serious.
Confirm your email if required.
When you enter, theoretically to use in full its functionality, including to receive Bitcoin with your Bitcoin address, you will need to confirm your data, then to send a copy of your identity card or your passport.
Confirmed the data you will have access to all functions of Xapo.
To see your Bitcoin Address just click on the button “Reiceve”.
To send Bitcoin just click on the button “Pay”, but careful, you can pay using Bitcoin address or through email if this turns out to have an account on Xapo.


Xapo Bitcoin Wallet is the first to have launched the credit card dedicated to Bitcoin. Nowadays, you can request it if you meet the requirements. Xapo has more than one element that it apart from other Bitcoin Wallet: It has a small safe called Vault. The safe is used to “freeze” their Bitcoin, so theoretically they are in a more secure space but they can not be spent. Allows you to receive instant payments if the two accounts are both present on Xapo. It is the first Bitcoin Wallet online that allows you to use your credit card. You can create multiple internal accounts (always called wallet) but they may be shared with other people by changing the type of access and the use they can do.


One of the greatest innovations of xapo is that it allows us to get your credit card. We can use it in all those stores that accept payments in bitcoins with its tool to use / swipe the credit card. It is true that in Italy there are no many shops (perhaps not exist precisely) that accept BTC, but abroad as in Switzerland or Germany, it could be useful.

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