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Bottlecaps: profitability of cryptocurrency

Bottlecaps: profitability of cryptocurrency

Bottlecaps: profitability of cryptocurrency

Bottlecaps (CAP), Scrypt :

difficulty daily average values 11.8774  +7.17 %

profit ratio vs. Bitcoin 233.21 % / 178.41 %

the current highest exchange rate in BTC 0.00001533 (Cryptsy) -3.10 %
Algorithm: PoW Scrypt with PoS (add 51% resistance with the PoS)
Block Time: 60 seconds
Difficulty: Started at 0.25  with a 4hr Difficulty target time NO INSTAMINE
Reward: 10 coins per block until the end
Block confirmations: 5
No Premine
Default RPC: 8385
Default P2P: 7685

Version 2.1 Released 6/4/2014.

Windows QT:

Official Nodes
addnode=          Central USA
addnode=            Western USA (Dedicated)
addnode=          Eastern USA (Dedicated)

Block Explorer
Version 2.0 Release notes here:

Please update before July 4, 2014!

Installation instructions Windows QT:

1. Close your client and delete the folder that contains Bottlecaps 1.4.1
2. Install the new 2.0 client
3. Click Start and search Run.
4. Run the location %appdata%
5. Navigate to roaming/Bottlecaps
6. Delete everything in this folder accept Wallet.dat and BottleCaps.conf
7. In your Bottlecaps.conf folder remove all nodes and add the following


8. Start BottleCaps 2.0 client

For users who dont know how to Create/ Edit a .Conf file I will update the sample provided below often along with the update time. Simply place the file in the folder user/appdata/roaming/bottlecaps Which can also be found by Start button / search “run”, then  run  %appdata% navigate to roaming / bottlecaps

A wonderful list can be gather here as well thanks to Petr1fied

You will need to download the blockchain from the start but it should sync right to the correct chain no problem. If your client pauses on a specific block for a long period of time simply restart your client as it is sifting through bad peers restarting get will you on your way. If not deleting peers.dat and restarting also might help

If you are still having problems syncing to the correct chain Pm me or John Eden for further assistance. But I put much time into assuring it would not sync to an incorrect chain.

Solo Mine
To solo make a bottlecaps.conf text file with


and save it into C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\BottleCaps Restart wallet and mine to your ip and the port

Still having trouble solo mining? The thread below shows how to do it for litecoin and essentially you just need to use bottlecaps for the name instead


Shopping with Bottlecaps

Buy great steam games with your bottlecaps

Buy Various Jerky and treats with Bottlecaps

Like Great BBQ sauce? I am sure do and you can buy it with bottlecaps!

Live in Canada and use Itunes? Why not buy credit with bottlecaps!

What was fallout with odd sexual innuendos? Well now you can dress up and get all kinds of crazy sex toys with CAPs!

Want to buy Gold and Silver with your Bottlecaps?

Prepaid Visa Cards for coins

A different special everyday Electronics and more

Want to buy Itunes, Playstation, Steam, Ultimate Game Card, Zynga, Spring PCS, Boost Mobile Cards for Bottlecaps?

  • iTunes Gift Card (USA)
  • Playstation Network Card(USA)
  • Steam Gift Card
  • Ultimate Game Card
  • Zygna eCard
  • Pay Sprint PCS bill
  • Boost Mobile Refill

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