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Catcoin: profitability of cryptocurrency

Catcoin: profitability of cryptocurrency

Catcoin: profitability of cryptocurrency

Catcoin (CAT), Scrypt :

difficulty daily average values 43.0963  +14.68 %

profit ratio vs. Bitcoin 188.67 %/ 106.57 %

 the current highest exchange rate in BTC  0.00000900 (Cryptsy) 0.00 %
PoW algorithm: Scrypt
Current Code Version:
Block reward: 50 CAT
Block time: 10 minutes
Retarget: 1 Block, Using a custom PID algorithm designed by Blaksmith.
Starting difficulty: 108
Max supply: 21 million
Reward halving interval: 210,000 blocks
Source code:
Windows Standalone Wallet: UPDATED
SHA256 hash: 7F26E6E2D08DA50DCAFBB384C2F2500FA0F3B8440EF202CDEFBD1255DB3A92E4

Windows .zip file: UPDATED
SHA256 hash: 7ABF4E133215C5857E312180420A274CFE914AF67DC57A191D2D3BE8BBADAB5D

Mac OSX Mavericks .DMG file :  UPDATED
SHA256: 4DA8F22B9BE24A3F5FC8CB8F179335EE9343BDCD291B045362453118B8D74880

Pools 1% fee UPDATED
Geekhash Pool 0% fee UPDATED
Coinium’s pool: 0% fee UPDATED 0% fee CONTACTED
e-Pool P2Pool Unknown fee UPDATED pool 1% fee UPDATED

Block explorer Incorrect Fork Correct Fork



 The Dev Team!We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce our new dev team as it is now (IRC usernames are used here, but are mostly the same as the Bitcointalk usernames):

KR105 – Creator and Honorary Dev of Catcoin
Kevin McCurdy (aka Maverickthenoob): Face of the dev team, Facebook page admin, code tester and general Catcoin supporter.
Mack25 – Developer of the .org website and also developer of the CatFlip website
Raistlinthewiz – Developer and GitHub source contributor with commit access.
Dogeles – Developer of the .biz website and also GitHub contributor with commit access.
Sir_Knee_Grow – Catcoin subreddit mod/creator and owner or the ##catcoin IRC channel
hozer – developer/tester with bitbucket/mercurial catbox tree
ZeroDrama: Prominent forum and IRC contributor who has been active since launch, heavy contributions to the last fork
SlimePuppy: Windows client compiler and forum Rep
ambethia: Mac OSX Compiler.
Blaksmith: Pool operator and coder
Johnny_non: Public relations and websites. Responsible for all the social media feeds.

Website: (Undergoing complete rewrite, new site expected Before Saturday evening. This will be the official site
Website: (contains the pool stats chart)
Catcoin price Android app:
IRC: ##catcoin and #catcoin-dev

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