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Dogecoin Wallet Online

Dogecoin Wallet Online

Dogecoin Wallet Online


We have several types of Dogecoin Wallet, in fact we can have it on our smartphone or on our PC, but we can also rely to some Wallets Online that now operate in the field for years. The advantage to have a Dogecoin Wallet online is to not have to use any application and also eliminating the synchronization, as a result the Dogecoin Wallet online is revealed a great wallet already functional right away. A Dogecoin Wallet Online is often used as the main account, then the user tends to spontaneously use this type of wallet to keep most of Dogecoin but that is not all, the Dogecoin Wallet Online, as well as being one of the most used, will also allow you to possess the backup copy of the paper as a model of security but also of prevention. How to open a Dogecoin Wallet Online: Dogechain.

Open a Dogecoin Wallet Online is one of the simplest things to do:

  1. Connect to a website HERE
  2. What interests us is to create a wallet, then we go to the voice “new wallet” and press the button “create wallet”.
  3. Enter the email and a good password.
  4. Watch out now because you will have your Wallet ID. Record it, do not miss it because the service not give any willingness to recover it in case of loss.
  5. In case of loss of the Wallet ID, the only thing that can save you is the Backup Paper or the insertion of the Private Key.

How to use the Dogecoin Wallet Online:

It ‘a wallet very simple to understand, in fact our Dogecoin address will be shown right away beside the QR Code Wallet, but this kind of wallet gives us the opportunity to create more than one address, so you can use them in different occasions and all payments will point to the same account.

  1. Through the voice “Transactions” we can control the last ten transitions, too bad that we can not go further.
  2. We can send our Dogecoins by voice “Send”.
  3. In Receive we have the chance to create Dogecoin address

What is Dogecoin?

If you are familiar with BitCoin, you will know that the system of DogeCoin is not much different. You need to download a Wallet, a software for your computer, whether it is a Mac or a PC that use Windows or Linux. Once you have installed the Wallet, it’s time to get some DogeCoins. It is a virtual currency that, at least for the moment, is an infinitesimal of what bitcoins are worth, you can also find several websites or forums ready to give you some DogeCoins. If not, you’ll have to buy them by some online exchange services or by mining.


The mining is, in short, a virtual mining. A DogeCoin, incorporating keys that they need to be found of a good computing power, must be extracted by force from a CPU or group of CPU. You can put at the disposal your computer, and you will begin to hoard money that, in the event that DogeCoin should become the new BitCoin, it might be worth several million.

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