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How to create a Litecoin Wallet

How to create a Litecoin Wallet

How to create a Litecoin Wallet

To create a Litecoin wallet is important if you want to build their own Litecoin, in fact, we can compare the Litecoin wallet to a virtual wallet that contains precisely virtual coins and it will allow us to receive and send Litecoins through our address. The Litecoin wallet can reside on any device, so even Android and iOS as well as windows and linux. To create a Litecoin wallet is the first step to be able to use this money, in fact the Litecoin is considered the younger brother of bitcoin and it happened many times that thanks to them, the value of bitcoin has been repeatedly saved.


  1. Connect to the official website
  2. Choose the version based on your operating system. Keep using with the version of android and iOS, the software is present in its store or market in free version.
  3. Set up the software downloaded into the device.


Litecoin wallet for windows and linux is different from that for Android and iOS, in fact it is much more complete, but also slightly more cumbersome. In this case the wallet need a synchronization, so we can not send and receive payments until your wallet will not synchronize to the last block. The synchronization will always be mandatory, so if your wallet will be disconnected for about thirty hours, it will retrieve the last generated blocks to be operational. In contrast to the android wallet and iOS, it allows greater reliability because the backup is complete and can be copied onto external devices such as HDD, USB sticks, smartphone, ecc. We can create, a tour leisure, different address in order to receive and send Litecoins.


The Litecoin wallet for android and ios, do not need of a real synchronization, but they are already synchronized, this is because they are connected to a network of server already synchronized and actives 24 hours on 24. This kind of wallet has the enormous advantage that it can be used anywhere very easily, without waiting for the synchronization time, you just need an internet connection and you can already use it. The backup can not be compared with the wallet for windows and linux, in fact, we talk about a backup of the keys that will allow us to regain our Litecoins on a different wallet managed by another device but they will always depend on the same program.


As any crypto currency, the payment is instantaneous and almost free, because there is to pay a minimum fee of the value of a few cents. These transactions are anonymous, in fact you can not get the name of the user from the address unless the wallet in question is online and require the data verification for certain payments. There are online sites that accept Litecoins as payment to buy gold and silver, which is not bad, in so far they will send it as well at home, so an investment where the Italian State will never know anything about it, because there is no trace.

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