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What are Dogecoins and how you can earn them?

What are Dogecoins and how you can earn them?

What are Dogecoins and how you can earn them?

What is Dogecoin?

The web, in recent years, has undergone a huge transformation by introducing many innovations, many of these to help the user. Some of these manage to offer him good methods of earning. One of these is the electronic money, or better the crypto-currency, which has begun to depopulate on the web a few years ago with the advent of BitCoin. We will talk of another crypto-currency, or rather the DogeCoin, firstly let’s see how this money was born, because it has a really interesting history and funny. This coin, has a very strange aspect, the main image is represented by a dog a little ‘fat, and around this last one, there are types apparently without much logical sense. In fact, the DogeCoin was born of a meme that has depopulated on the web, then no goal, it was born as a joke. But this coin, now, has a destiny completely different, it is reaching very slowly the solidity of other famous crypto-coins, just as the BitCoin, in fact, many recommend trying to invest small amounts in the “canine currency”.

What is Dogecoin wallet?

First we must explain what is a Wallet. A Wallet is nothing more than a virtual wallet in which you can store the criptocoins. To start earning money with DogeCoin, the first thing required as for all electronic coins is an online wallet. We have two possibilities to create it: the first is by downloading the software from the Dogecoin official website, the second is to use the service DogeChain, so you can choose which suits you best, whether to download software and have more “control” or have it all online but with more risk.

How does Dogecoin wallet work?

If you are familiar with Paypal, you just know that, you will have a code, instead of e-mail (as you do with Paypal) the transactions are made by inserting the code that you will have in the Wallet.

History: the creation of Dogecoins

Their symbol is D. The Dogecoin are characterized by the fact that they can be coined more easily than their predecessors through the software that manages them. By the end of 2014, the main program provides for the introduction of about 100 billion coins. After the end of 2014, however, the system will reduce the minting of coins, which will be introduced only 5.2 billion copies.

The creation of Dogecoin is due to a current programmer at IBM, of Portland, in Oregon, who is interested in the world of criptocoins and has created a company with an employee of the group Adobe. The Dogecoins rely on technology scrypt. Their quotations have already reached high enough levels, since in the month of December 2013 have tripled their value. A number of unexpected accidents, however, including a theft information obtained from one of the platforms that manages the use, have reduced the burthen. The Dogecoins, like other virtual currencies, can be exchanged on the online platforms with other criptocoins or you can convert them into dollars.

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