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NeosCoin: profitability of cryptocurrency

NeosCoin: profitability of cryptocurrency

NeosCoin: profitability of cryptocurrency

NeosCoin  (NEOS),  SHA-256 :

difficulty daily average values  1,627,328.6680  -22.14 %

profit ratio vs. Bitcoin  83.23 %67.31 %

the current highest exchange rate in BTC  0.00001285 (Poloniex) +3.42 %
Some technical and network details:Algorithm: SHA-256
Total money supply: 21 million
Block reward: 50 Neos
Block maturity: 120 confirmations
Transaction confirmations: 6
Halving occurs every 210,000 blocks
Transaction fee: 0.00000001 Neos
Difficulty adjustment: every block using Dark Gravity Wave

Some of the standard Neos features include:

In-wallet trading (one-click withdrawal, mass order cancellation, one-click deposit, order executions, candlesticks)
An in-wallet block explorer
Encrypted messaging
Live statistics and market data
In-wallet personalized mining worker stats and multipool stats
In-wallet mining calculator
Dashboard news as polled from our Twitter account
Multi-currency conversion data (BTC and 21 different currencies supported)
The ability to export your transactions to 3 different formats (Excel, CSV, and JSON)
Personal aliases for receiving both Neos and messages
One-click wallet updates with automatic notification of new updates
Automatic 24-hour backups of your wallet
Market data and statistics (Neos in circulation, market cap, averaged value, averaged global trade volume)

Now onto what has been the primary focus in Neos 2.1: The authentication system and our unique theft recovery system

You can download Neos 2.1 here:Windows:
Debian Linux:
Ubuntu Linux:

Our website will be getting re-designed by yak this week to reflect the new direction we’re heading in.

You can buy Neos at the following exchanges:






We take support very seriously and provide it with no cost and no limitations.  Our support options are via telephone, skype, teamviewer, IRC, and our forum (  Without our community, we wouldn’t have a reason to do what we do – and we thank you for that.

Other resources:

Our reddit:
Our twitter:
Chat with us on IRC:

A screencast demonstration of the abilities described here in Neos 2.1:

If you need assistance in migrating your old wallet to the new Neos 2.1 system, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I strongly urge everyone if they haven’t been running Neos 2.0.2 (automatic backups) to make a copy of your wallet.dat somewhere safe first and THEN copying it to your new Neos installation.

This will be the last time a full installation/replacement will need to occur.  Everything developed over the past 7 months has lead to where Neos was intended to be.  It’s been a process along the way, but we’re finally here and I thank you all for your support along the way and patience.

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