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Bitmark: profitability of cryptocurrency

Bitmark: profitability of cryptocurrency

Bitmark: profitability of cryptocurrency

Bitmark (BTM), Scrypt :

difficulty daily average values  488.3269  0.00 %

profit ratio vs. Bitcoin  145.86 %/ 70.37 %

 the current highest exchange rate in BTC  0.00019710 (Poloniex) +4.26 %
Project Bitmark is an initiative to create an every day use alternative currency. No premine, no IPO, nothing unfair, no scam, no clone, no old code bases, no untested code, no token features, just what you need.
Wallet for all platforms, and actively developed source.
Summary of Project Bitmark
Full Specification of Marking
Wiki and Extensive Information
Branding and Logos
Bitmark Block Explorer alternative blocktree.ioProject Bitmark uses VPS and hosting from CryptoCloudHosting – a physical server company accepting crypto payments, including BTM.

Contact and Community
Project Management on Trello : #bitmark on IRC : @ProjectBitmark on Twitter : @RobotMarkus our automated agent : /r/bitmark on Reddit

Bitmark is balanced so you receive a fair reward wherever you mine.
Active Pools: poolwarz : suprnova : : : hash-to-coins : p2pool
Detailed info for Solo Miners : Mining Calculator


CryptoShop (PayPal -> BTM) : Poloniex : Bittrex

CoinMarketCap : World Coin Index : Coin Finance : Cryptonator : Cryptrader : Crypto Coin Charts :
Network API : Network Health Charts : Steady Price API for services which use BTM pricing

Coin Specs
Algorithm: Scrypt
Block Reward: 20 BTM (visual)
Block Time: 120 Seconds
Block Maturity: 720 Blocks (~1 day) to discourage multipools
Block Halving: Reward halves every 3 years, with intermediate decrease every 18 months (20 coins initially, 15 after 1.5 years, 10 after 3 years, etc…)
Difficulty Retargeting: 720 Blocks (~1 day)
Total Coin Supply: ~27.58 million (27,579,894.73108000 exactly)

Clone us with Pfennig
We have released and are maintaining Pfennig as a community service, so that new scrypt based clones can be created from a modern, tested, and secure code base, instead of using outdated and copy-pasted legacy code.Our rationale is that people will create clones, so we may as well ensure those who use the clones have a good code base to back up any perceived value the clones may have.

Pfennig is kept up to date, and is always based on the latest tagged Bitmark release, and also the latest tagged Bitcoin release.

mymenace: Provided logo concepts and high quality final revisions
Allow: Provided gui design elements and design input
schnötzel, pandher, macbackfat, Este Nuno:  All helped test Bitmark/Pfennig on various platforms

Anonymous: 0.0159 BTC
Guriqbal Pandher: 0.2 BTC
PondSea (on behalf of the Qora Community): 0.1 BTC
Pentamon: 0.1 BTC
Este Nuno: 0.1 BTC
ethought: 0.1 BTC
deepcoreotc: 0.0023 BTC
chengren: 0.05 BTC
zadinga: 0.03 BTC
lukasplus: 0.01 BTC

Mark Pfennig: 200 BTM
Androidicus: 50 BTM
Len: 200 BTM
prix: 251 BTM
medic: 250 BTM
lukasplus: 50 BTM

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