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What is a faucet?

What is a faucet?

What is a faucet?

The faucet bitcoins are those sites which, in exchange for clicks, display sites or advertising, they offer in exchange a small amount of satoshi every hour or more. That said, let’s move to the distinctions. We can distinguish between two types of faucet, those real and PTC, that is pay-to-click, which are sites that distribute satoshi in exchange for viewing advertising or minijob. Among the faucet, there are then two categories: those with store and those with miniwallet (the most used is that of microwallet, then also bitchest and coinbase). The difference is that while those that belong to the first category have an own build-up and they send out satoshi to the achievement of some minimum thresholds (some around 3500, most over 5500), others will also send 10 satoshi at a time, but in the miniwallet to which they support and where you make them accumulate until you take them, even in this case the threshold is exceeded in 5500. Obviously, in the second category the threshold of receipt is reached before, because there are accumulations of more faucet simultaneously.


CoinAd: Quite comfortable and well made. You can record and fit your wallet, after which it proposes you in section Ads View a list of sites to click, with reward and display time associated. The list changes every 24 hours. 0.15 uBTC minimum withdrawal.

BitVisitor: you fit your wallet and it offer you the sites to display every 5 minutes, indicating the gain in advance of such action. Payments start from 100 uBtc.

BtcClicks: For recognition, even this very well done. How CoinAd it offers a list of links to visit for 10-30 seconds with the amount of gain attached. Too bad that unlike CoinAd it notices if the tab of the opening page is currently displayed or not.

8coin: well 500 satoshi, one of the most profitable.

Bitcurl: Another particularly profitable, 300 satoshi guaranteed at a time.


The faucet with build-up through microwallet are many and it is useless to make a detailed list. Just to choose those with reward above 100 statoshi or just below. The Faucet, all types, pay every some hours, some even after 10 minutes, the more every hour, someone every 24 hours. Everyone chooses those that are right for your case: if you are in front of the PC and you have time, those who pay 20 satoshi every 10 minutes make more than those who pay 500 every 24 hours. Many faucet not pay a fixed fee, but there is a kind of lottery, with assignments which vary from 10 to 2000 satoshi. The site that collects them all is Land of Bitcoin. Land of Bitcoin is very convenient because it takes note of your steps and repeats the faucets when they are ready to pay again because the required interval has expired, and is continually updated with new faucets or the elimination of those that are inactive for too time. The list that it proposes is customizable. Absolutely the most fun is undoubtedly BTC Rock where it offer you a map and five attempts to dig up every hour, if you can in the difficult task of finding it, you will win 20,000 satoshi (otherwise a few hundreds).

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